👉 Photography, for me, is about taking time for gratitude and appreciation of the world around us. Indeed, my photography is integral to my mindfulness practice; the work slows me down to engage intensely with my environment. 👉 My work explores the many different qualities of light, color, and shadow, both in the moment and over time. I am interested in how my landscape, portrait, and abstract subjects are illuminated literally and figuratively. I look for shades, colors, patterns, and wonders that might escape the casual and distracted observer, and yet are beautiful and rewarding. 👉  I work primarily with digital photography, mostly with subjects in New York City, but also on various travels. I use mostly FujiFilm equipment. My post-production work can range from the lightest of touches (Roots of New York) to intensely manipulative (Specular Impressions). 👉  I have exhibited at a New York City gallery and online. I received training at the International Center of Photography in New York.